Epoxy Flooring

Hundreds of color options available. Contact us today for more information.

Industrial 100 percent solid epoxy floor systems for residential and commercial projects.

Reflector Enhancer Epoxy by Elite Crete Certified Installer.

Clear epoxy with metallic colorant for a custom high gloss look. Urethane or Polyaspartic topcoats available for maximum durability.

Epoxy Flake Flooring by Elite Crete Certified Installer.

Color mixes and custom blends available with a variety of sizes ranging from 1/32" up to 3/8". A cost effective way to upgrade your exposed interior concrete.

Solid Color Epoxy floor system by a Certified Elite Crete installer.

Built-Right utilizes industrial grade 100 percent solids epoxy from Elite Crete for all of our projects.


Complete Surface Preparation is the Key to Success

Built-Right Grinds to a Clean Concrete Surface

Built-right utilizes industrial 25" planetary grinders to grind the concrete and provide a fresh concrete surface with a proper profile for receiving Epoxy flooring systems. This surface grinding process removes coatings, contaminants and cure and seals from the surface before repairing spalls and cracks. After repairs we always prime the fresh concrete canvas with a Vapor Barrier before installing Elite Crete 100 percent solids epoxy flooring systems.


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Epoxy Flooring Systems Installed by Elite Crete Certified Installers